Provost's Teaching Fellows

I am one of UT Austin's Provost's Teaching Fellows, or PTF. Members join each year through nomination by their fellows, and conduct a teaching-related project during the first two years of their membership. My project is concerned with the improvement of the methods we can use to teach computational methods in linguistics classes.

PTF website: https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/provosts-teaching-fellows

PTF podcast: https://www.texasptf.org/


A complete overview of the courses I've taught at UT Austin is available on this page. Below, you'll find an overview of the last few semesters.

Fall 2020

  • E 310D: Introduction to Digital Studies
  • E 323L/LIN 323L: English as a World Language

Spring 2020 (Paris 3)

  • LANSAD for Masters students
  • Digital Text Analysis in R (SĂ©minaire in linguistics for Masters students)

Fall 2019

  • E 323L: English as a World Language (syllabus)
  • E 316N: Masterworks of World Literature (syllabus)

Spring 2019

  • UGS 303: The Languages of Pop Culture
  • E 364D: African American English and English-Based Atlantic Creoles