Provost's Teaching Fellows

I am one of UT Austin's Provost's Teaching Fellows, or PTF. Members join each year through nomination by their fellows, and conduct a teaching-related project during the first two years of their membership. My project is concerned with the improvement of the methods we can use to teach computational methods in linguistics classes.


A complete overview of the courses I've taught at UT Austin is available on this page. Below, you'll find an overview of the last few semesters.

Spring 2022

Fall 2021

  • E 310D: Introduction to Digital Studies

Spring 2021

  • E 321L/LIN 321L: American English

Fall 2020

  • E 310D: Introduction to Digital Studies

  • E 323L/LIN 323L: English as a World Language

Spring 2020 (Paris 3)

  • LANSAD for Masters students

  • Digital Text Analysis in R (Séminaire in linguistics for Masters students)